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bad day

Recovering from a Bad Day

Staffing is an emotional business. We work closely with our candidates and clients, and our entire team gets invested in their success. We genuinely care about creating the best possible outcome for the people we work with, but as with ...
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new grads

Top Tips for New Grads on the Job Hunt

It's graduation season, and young adults everywhere are making the transition into the job market. Are you hoping to find your dream job now that you've gotten your degree? We have a few tips for new grads, and anyone looking to ...
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Team Culture – Why It Matters

Everyone's talking about cultural fit and the importance of finding a workplace where you'll fit in. Team culture has never been more important than in the current employee-led market. Today's candidates are prioritizing finding a workplace where they'll be able ...
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social media, branding

Social Media + Building Your Personal Brand

Whether you love social media or hate it, you can't escape its importance. 60% of employers use social networking site to research candidates who apply for their jobs, according to CareerBuilder. Your online presence tells the world what you're all ...
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Event Recap: NH High Tech Council’s Annual TechWomen Luncheon

We had a great time at Wednesday's third annual TechWomen|TechGirls Awards Luncheon at the Bedford Village Inn! Jennifer Gray serves as a Committee member, and helped to organize the event. Samantha Kuncio, one of our Technical Recruiters, and Tori Leavitt, ...
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Tori’s Corner: Spring Clean Your Work Space!

Each month, we bring you "Tori's Corner" featuring a guest post by Tori Leavitt, Operations + Account Support at Market Street Talent, as she takes a look at popular workplace concepts and trends. It's officially spring, and we are excited for everything ...
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