Save the Date: WIT Finding Your Voice Through COVID-19 & Beyond

Written by Market Street Talent | September 9, 2021


Join us for WIT: Finding Your Voice Through COVID-19 & Beyond

We are thrilled to announce our 8th annual Women in Technology event at the One Hundred Club in downtown Portsmouth (or virtually on Zoom)! This fall’s theme is ‘Women In Tech: Finding Our Voice Through COVID-19 and Beyond.’ Come join us to network and listen to our panelists talk about what has been happening throughout the last year through and beyond COVID in the world of tech, women, hybrid work, candidate movement, and more.

This past year has been challenging for so many. Women have especially felt the impacts of COVID on their everyday life and the multiple roles they hold, including everything from being forced to suddenly adjust their work-life balance (again) to taking on the unexpected role of being teachers for their children, and so much more. Longstanding imbalances and inequalities have been brought into a new, clearer light — how has that changed us? How have women evolved through the pandemic to better find their voices and find the courage to ask the hard questions in order to advocate for themselves and their families and more effectively position themselves within their worlds?

Let’s come together on October 14th to hear each other’s stories and inspire one another. We’d love for you to join us!

When: October 14th, 2021
Where: One Hundred Club (In-person) & Zoom (Virtual)
Mark your calendars, invite your circle, and RSVP early before the room fills up!
*There are a limited number of spaces for the in-person option*