Why MST?

Written by Mia Pike | January 20, 2023

I asked our employees why they love working at Market Street Talent. Most said because of the supportive work environment. Others replied with the fun team bonding activities and work-life balance. But one thing everyone has in common is that they "feel at home" here at MST. Take a look at our employees' responses. 


I love working for MST because of my team and the culture. I know that everyone at this company is rooting for each other to succeed and is always willing to help each other in any way they can. It’s an extremely supportive and positive environment to work in, and I’m so grateful to be a part of this wonderful team! -Haley


 I love working at Market Street for many reasons, but the encouraging & supportive culture and the strong emphasis on work-life balance are two of the biggest. These past 6 years I’ve watched Market Street offer such a welcoming environment for all who join and provide each employee with the tools needed to reach success quickly. Leadership also understands the importance of adapting quickly to the changing market, keeping their employees and clients top of mind. The fact MST is a dog friendly office is just an extra perk! -Kelsey


I love working at Market Street Talent because it’s such a warm and supportive environment, both personally and professionally. Everyone is rooting for each other and having a healthy work-life balance is not only encouraged but celebrated. -Marie 


I love working at MST because this company has a foundation of professional empathy and respect that is seen in the everyday experience of working here. Because of the stress on the importance of work/life balance and making sure our candidates feel cared for and supported, I feel like I am better able to perform my job responsibilities and have a clear purpose in my work. -Aizlyn


Of course everyone wants to have a job where they is sense of accomplishment and fun.  At MST it is the people that are the ones that create this environment.  I joined MST as an employee about 2 ½ years ago and am very happy with my choice.  In my 30+ year career, I have never worked for a company where all the elements of the ideal work environment were there.  Everyday I feel the cooperation, support and empowerment and NO negativity.  This is the glue that keeps the organization together.  Many companies say they support the work / life balance but MST puts their money where their mouth is and we actually do it!  Outside of the actual work, we like to have fun doing things together when we have our team building events or just events to celebrate a time of year.  I don’t want to ever have to look for a job again……And I won’t! -Peter


Throughout the years, life has afforded me the opportunity to learn the type of environment and people I thrive in and with, and Market Street Talent and its team are exactly this. I am incredibly fortunate to work with a wide range of unbelievably talented individuals, in a role that feels natural, and alongside a gracious leader who is full or gratitude and grace.  The clients I have the pleasure of working with are upstanding, fun, and all-around genuinely good people. Why MST? I feel at home; I show up as my authentic self; I could not ask for anything more. -Heidi


Why choose MST above other IT recruiting agencies? Because we are real people who really care. We care about your needs as a client--your budgets, your culture, your goals for the future and how we can help you achieve them. We care about your needs as a candidate--your aspirations, your skillsets, your next big career move and how we can help you land safely. We know what it means to work hard and strive for recognition, and we focus on providing support and encouragement along the way. Above all, we aim to become true partners in everything we do. MST truly believes that we are #bettertogether. -Megan


I love working at MST because of the awesome and supportive team we have. Everybody is treated with respect, and we are very thoughtful of one another. We are always rooting for each other and that has created such a strong team culture (even working remotely). Since day one MST has provided me with the tools and support to succeed, there is also a lot of trust due to our results-driven environment. I also love that MST is a woman-owned company! -Katie


MST is not only the best place to work with the best people, but every single person at this company also truly cares for what they do every day. There is so much thought and effort in all we do for our clients and candidates, and it makes me feel so proud to work here! We act as a family and there is always a balance between work, life and family and it’s something I feel so lucky to be a part of! -Maggie