Reflecting on 2021: Guest Post by Jennifer Gray

Written by Market Street Talent | January 7, 2022

Another year is in the books for Market Street Talent! To mark the end of 2021, we asked our founder and President, Jennifer Gray, if she’d like to share a few thoughts with our blog followers to mark the occasion…

2021 in the Rearview Mirror

After the trials of 2020, it was such a relief to get back to normal in 2021!

All joking aside, the truth is in 2021 we’ve had to re-examine our ideas of what “normal” is. We’ve had to confront the realization that “normal” is always changing, and sometimes it changes faster than others. Time only moves in one direction, and we have to move with it.

We are extraordinarily lucky to have an amazing team, wonderful clients and a supportive community that have enabled us to thrive in this new landscape.

I have never been prouder of our team than I am now. Not only have we grown year after year, but even when faced with tremendous changes in the industry (in all industries!), our team confronts the challenges with an open mind and a willing heart. Every day, I see them working with and for each other and our clients more than for themselves. Even through these times of the “Great Resignation,” we have fared well, and that is because we are stronger and better together.

Even that wouldn’t be enough if we didn’t have candidates and clients who are always willing to meet us “there” in order to make things work.  That’s part of the spirit of the IT industry, and that’s part of what makes working in this field so rewarding. It’s an industry that seems to have adversity and resilience in its DNA.

Our current clients are our best clients, and we try to do for them as we would for our best friends. We are all in this together – shared knowledge, shared burdens, and shared wins.

Our community is not just a concept but a place, and our place here on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, and that’s why we reinvest in MST’s Give Back program every year. Sharing back with all the aspects of our community – local, family, and industry – helps define our others-centric worldview.

We go forth into 2022 with our vision as our guide: To foster the growth of technology in our world, one candidate, one client, one community at a time.

There is no other group we’d rather do it with.


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