MST’s 2021 Goals + Resolutions!

Written by Market Street Talent | January 8, 2021

Happy New Year, everyone! To kick off 2021, the Market Street Talent team took some time to think about both their professional and personal goals for year. Looking for some inspiration, or want to get to know the team a bit better? Here are of few of MST’s personal and professional goals for 2021.


Lance Davis, Director of Business Development: One of my personal goals for the year is getting at least 750 trail miles on my mountain bike. As for professional goals, I want to support the Market Street team and push myself to make MST the best darn staffing firm this side of Mount Washington.

Kelsey Kane, Technical Recruiting Manager: Professionally, I want to follow the motto “work smarter, not harder” by continuously maximizing my workday efficiency as well as encouraging my team to do so. For personal goals, I’d like to advance my soccer skills. As a newer member to a weekly adult league, I’m pretty good on the defensive line, but I would love to score a goal one day!

Tori Browall, HR Coordinator: This year, a goal of mine is to practice daily meditation to lower stress and improve focus!

Peter Pike, Controller: A personal goal this year is to maintain good health with a routine of exercise and eating right. Professionally, a goal is to automate many of the accounting functions with the goal of less touches, improved timeliness, and accuracy.

Megan Feeley, Account Executive: My new year’s resolutions are to no longer participate in fast fashion, read 20+ books, and reduce my waste/be more environmentally friendly!

Kaitlyn Brown, Technical Recruiter: One of my personal goals is to become more of a morning person. I would love to have an hour each morning before the work day begins to take a walk/exercise and organize my day to get a head start.

William Butler, Technical Recruiter: My professional goal is to improve contract recruiting and build a base of contractors for 2021. I would like to have 12+ contractors starting this year.

Bridget Keaveney, Media & Operations: In 2021, a goal of mine is to make more connections. A personal goal is to practice mindfulness daily!



What are your goals or resolutions for the new year?

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