Market Street Talent's Week of Rest

Written by Kaylyn Ryan | July 18, 2023

After closing out a busy and successful Q2 filled with sourcing top IT talent, sponsoring STEM events, promoting our biannual Women In Tech event, hosting our company outing, and volunteering, we were proud to offer our team a well-deserved weeklong break for Fourth of July!

Scroll through to see how everyone recharged and spent their Week of Rest!


"During my Week of Rest, I enjoyed lots of time outside paddle-boarding and swimming with friends and by myself! I read four books throughout the week and took some time to recharge for the second half of the year ahead." --Aizlyn Alfonso, Associate Technical Recruiter

"I had a wonderful Week of Rest (thank you MST)! I tried to spend as much time outside as possible and luckily the weather worked in our favor 😊 I spent time paddle-boarding, tubing the Saco, relaxing at the beach, and visiting family in Vermont. Feeling very rested and recharged!" --Kaitlyn Brown, Senior Technical Recruiter

"During my much appreciated Week of Rest I was able to support my son by traveling to Rio de Janeiro and watching him compete for the first time in Brazil! We then celebrated as a family at the Christ the Redeemer statue. This then led us into a week of relaxing in the mountains exploring forest, waterfalls, and seeing lots of monkeys! My daughter especially appreciated the extra morning snuggles as we were able to lay in bed a little longer each morning." --Danielle Filgueiras, Associate Technical Recruiter

"We did a little bit of everything—boating, lake time, time with friends and family, rest and cleaning/organizing the house!" --Jennifer Gray, CEO and Founder

"For my Week of Rest, we planned some time to spend together as a family up north to get some things done on the place we are building and have some fun with the kids tubing down the Pemi River, getting ice cream, and watching movies. For the rest of the week, I enjoyed relaxing days, surfing, paddle-boarding, reading on the beach, and catching up with friends. It so nice to sleep in a bit and recharge during the week!” --Jennifer McMahon, HR Manager

"I had a wonderful Week of Rest! My sister and I surprised family in Ohio for a little get-together—the surprise worked out great, no one had any idea we were coming. I was happy to spend the week with family, relaxing, laughing and eating lots of delicious homecooked meals!" --Kelsey Nicklas, Director of Recruiting

"What did I do during the down week? I am not big into just sitting down and reading a book. I am more of a busy person and like to stay active physically. We did a mid-year purge of all the clothes that don't fit or that we just don't like any more. Additionally, I spent a good deal of time outdoors working in the yard...." --Peter Pike, CFO and Controller

“My Week of Rest was great! I got to spend time with my friends and family celebrating birthdays, the Fourth of July, and more! I’m so grateful to Market Street Talent for giving us this gracious opportunity to reset!” --Marie Repucci, Senior Account Executive

“While I didn’t have anything big planned for my Week of Rest, I got to do a bunch of relaxing little things: reading, spending time at the beach, and hanging out with friends and family! It was nice to slow down and unwind for a bit!” --Kaylyn Ryan, Marketing Admin Assistant

“On my Week of Rest, I was able to spend time with family on a lake in Maine; swimming, sunning, and just soaking in each other’s company. So grateful to work at a business that truly respects and encourages 'unplugging'!” --Megan Struthers, Senior Account Executive