Market Street Talent’s Favorite Apps

Written by Market Street Talent | October 18, 2016

Where would we be without apps? From the first 500 apps in the Apple App Store at its debut in July 2008 to the 2+million apps available today, apps have added significant convenience to our busy and mobile lives. We all have our favorites; you know, the ones that take up space on our device’s home screen and allow us to find a decent place to eat when we’re in a foreign city or immediately share our wedding pictures with our friends and family around the world with a touch of a screen. Market Street Talent’s technical recruiting staff share the apps they can’t do without on the blog today.

According to Kay Hongmani, “I’ve been using Pinterest a lot lately and it has everything I need: recipes, workout routines, home decor ideas—you name it, and they will have something for you.”

Jennifer Gray often hits the road to visit clients. She says, “My favorite app right now is Waze. It has saved me a ton of time on trips, with suggested reroutes, cop alerts, and best times to depart. Plus, it’s intuitive to use.”

Jason Robichaud says, “I like MileIQ. Good for sales reps and Uber drivers, it helps log your miles driven.” Keep track of your mileage tax benefits without even thinking about it with MileIQ.

Chris Howgate started playing guitar when he was five, and since that time, he’s tuned his fair share of guitars. His app of choice is Guitar Tuna, allowing him to tune his guitar anywhere.

Snapchat is Andrew Kladder’s choice. “I think it’s functionality and ease of use appeals to everyone.”

Scott Miller likes Genius Scan because it enables you to scan any document into a PDF, edit it, and send it directly from your phone.

Matt Richard’s choice?  “I am going to go with Spotify. It gives me access to almost any album I’d want to listen to, and helps people discover new artists and new types of music. You can create playlists for working out, partying, road trips, etc. and can also set streaming radio stations based on genre, similar artists, etc.”

My favorite app right now is Venmo,” says Justin Dobbie. “The app allows my friends and me to transfer money between each other’s checking accounts quickly and easily. Whether we are splitting the check at a restaurant or paying a utility bill, Venmo only takes a few seconds (and it’s free!!).” (Editor’s note: As a social app, the transactions and comments are visible to everyone in your Venmo network; yet, the dollar amount remains private. If you are looking for some free entertainment, scroll through the comments that accompany each transaction—you’ll be amazed at what your friends are paying for!)

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