Interview Prep Tips with Market Street Talent!

Written by Market Street Talent | October 16, 2020

As the fall season typically tends to see a ramp up in hiring, there’s a chance many of you may have some job interviews on the horizon. For this week’s blog, we’ve spoken with our Recruiting team who have put together some of their top tips for preparing for an interview.



Using an Opening Question

Starting out an interview with the following question should start the whole conversation in your favor.

“Can you tell me exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate for this position?”

Asking this question will help you tailor your questions to the specific role, and not just what you think the role will be. Job descriptions almost never tell the full story of what a company or hiring manager is looking for. By asking this question right from the beginning, you’ll have the answer directly in front of you.

Preparing Questions Beforehand

Before going into your interview, always have some questions prepared! It’s not only an important way to show you’re prepared and interested in the position, but it’s also a sign of respect for the company you are interviewing for. Here are just a few ideas of some questions you can bring to your next interview.

  • “Are there opportunities for growth?”
  • “Are there any specific projects that I would be working on in the first 6-12 months?”
  • “How long have you been with the company? What do you like about it?”

Being Honest and Sincere 

In an interview, it is very easy to want be agreeable. However – try to get in the habit of rejecting that mentality! It’s very much acceptable, and even encouraged, be completely honest with your interviewer about know what you do and do not know or have experience with. In fact, many people interview and win the offer over more qualified candidates because of their honesty and sincerity about their experiences and capabilities.

Using a Closing Question

Just as we recommend using a specific opening question for your interview, we recommend the below question to close.

“Is there anything I didn’t completely answer, or you would like me to clarify before we wrap up?”

This question shows your attention to detail, and may help resolve any doubts a hiring might have about the interview. When discussing IT experience or projects specifically in an interview, there can be so many levels or ways of troubleshooting that it can be very easy to get side tracked. Asking this question will clarify whether the interviewer is confident that you understand process, procedures, or how to alleviate issues.



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