How to Retain Top Talent

Written by Market Street Talent | March 5, 2021

Business owners, hiring managers, and team leaders – how do you attract and retain your best talent? Today on the blog, The Market Street Talent sales team shares their top recommendations for building and maintaining your strongest team of employees during a challenging time for “office life”. 



The “new normal” for office life is even more dependent on communication than the old one. Truly listening to employees is crucial for retention – now, and always. Listen to the wants and needs of your employees and empower them to achieve them. These will look different everyone. Some will want learning opportunities, some will want growth, some will want better benefits. To keep top talent, you need to be prepared to meet these requests.

Fostering Inclusion

Listening also includes everyday conversation. Everyone wants and deserves to have their voice be heard and feel welcome within your organization. Engage and encourage employees to offer their feedback on areas in which the company, or their experience within the company, can improve. Creating an open, honest, and diverse workplace filled with a variety of viewpoints is crucial to retaining talent.

Offering Encouragement

In addition to feeling heard, make sure employees (especially contractors) feel appreciated and valued within company culture. This is especially important for hourly workers who don’t necessarily get the same amount of flexibility as salaried employees. Take the time to ensure they feel like just as part of the team as everyone else. Remember – a bit of positive feedback can go a long way! No matter their specific needs, everyone wants to be recognized for their work. Bonuses rock, of course, but showing verbal, consistent appreciation for work goes a long way, too.


The landscape of “office life” these days has been forever changed. Remote work flexibility has become much more accepted by many companies. However, some are still focused on seeing remote work as only a temporary option. We encourage employers to focus on long-term goals around how to best transition workers back onsite, while making sure they’re recognizing their employees’ home responsibilities and stresses. If workers are crushing it while working from home, why rock the boat?



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