How to Manage New Job Anxiety

Written by Market Street Talent | September 24, 2021

Whether you have been working for three years or 30, starting a new job can be anxiety-provoking for many people. It cah be very nerve-wracking to start a new job, switch workplaces, meet new people, and/or change careers. However, we all have to start somewhere. Recognizing the anxiety you may be feeling about your new job is key to overcoming it. Here are some tips on how to manage that new job anxiety.

Prepare Yourself 

Hopefully, by this point, you’ve done your research on the company and learned a decent amount about it through your interview process. Either way, think of what you haven’t looked into yet. Who are your coworkers? What are their names? How many different departments make up the entire company? What are the company’s achievements?

Furthermore, try to plan out your new routine ahead of time. How long is your commute? How is your day going to be structured? The more you can prepare yourself, the better and more confident you should feel.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! You’re new to this job and this company! It’s better to ask questions than to take wild guesses and wing it. Additionally, asking the right questions can show your willingness to learn and the effort you’re putting into truly grasping your new role.

Use Positive Affirmations

Encourage yourself. Your mindset is so crucial to your success. If you’re constantly telling yourself that you aren’t good enough, you will eventually believe it. Instead, make sure to validate yourself, acknowledge your past successes, and congratulate yourself for getting where you are now. You were hired for a reason!

Embrace Change

While change can be scary at times, it is an inevitable part of life. So embrace it! Welcome change and the new chapters that will come with it.

Engage With Your New Coworkers

It can definitely be intimidating to be the newest member of an established team. However, it's important to make genuine connections with those with whom you spend 40+ hours a week. Say hello. Make an effort to get to know people. This will make your time at work so much more enjoyable!

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