Does Your Company Culture Need a Tune-Up?

Written by Market Street Talent | May 14, 2021

In the last 12+ months, we’ve all witnessed the shifting dynamics of company culture and what it means to be part of a team. Many people have re-evaluated what work means to them and how their job aligns with their roles outside of the workplace – as individuals, friends, family members, and within community groups. Today, job seekers are prioritizing finding a workplace where they’ll be able to make a positive impact, be treated well (i.e. paid fairly and treated with respect), and be valued as an important part of a team. Building a positive work environment is always a worthwhile investment, but it matters now more than ever. If you are looking to grow your team in the coming months, it might be time to redefine what sets your workplace apart and helps you attract (and retain) the right people.

What Matters?

Consider the type of environment you hope to create and maintain throughout your organization. Are you a firm believer in flexible scheduling for employees, and what does that look like as we regain the ability to work safely from office buildings again? Do you hope to hire new talent with an eye towards leadership training to help grow your company? If work-life balance is a company value, model it from the top down by speaking openly about taking time off and encouraging your direct reports to do the same. Maybe your leadership team believes strongly in community service – would adding charitable PTO to your benefits package help spread the message about the importance of giving back? Identify the things you want to emphasize about your company – communication, teamwork, flexibility and professional development are common focuses – and implement strategies to help prioritize them across the board.

Show, Don’t Tell

One of the best ways for a potential new employee to evaluate whether they would be a good fit for a company is to get a feel for the work environment and dynamics of the team. Ideally, your company’s mission, values and overall vibe should shine through to a prospective employee looking at your website and social media presence. Showing your culture through these avenues so you can draw in candidates who would be the right fit for your organization, as well as potential clients who might connect with a particular aspect of your business. This is another reason to be aware of (and take under consideration) any feedback left for your company on Google, Indeed and Glassdoor. Showing the virtual world an accurate picture of your company will help you connect with the right candidates and clients.

Why Should You Care? Better Retention, Stronger Teams, and Increased Productivity

Companies with strong, developed cultures typically have higher levels of productivity and performance. When management and leadership set the tone for a team-oriented environment, their employees typically show greater motivation and loyalty. Feeling that company goals are in line with your own professional goals creates a sense of connection and a drive to perform well. On a more local level, a team with a strong sense of responsibility towards each other will have better communication because their mutual success depends on it. A supportive culture that places a high value on employee success also encourages retention, allowing you to keep your talented team longer. Fostering a healthy, team-focused work environment is one of the best ways to stack the deck in favor of your business’s success.

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