Avoiding Job Scams During the Holidays

Written by Market Street Talent | December 4, 2020

It’s the end of the year, and we’re officially in the holiday season. Can you believe it? This time of the year tends to see an increase in job opportunities. However, more jobs mean more opportunities for job scams. How do you avoid falling into these traps? How can you recognize them at first glance? Here are a few of our tips to steer clear of job scams during the holiday season.

Offering Unusually High Salaries

If you see an employer advertising a job with a salary that seems “too good to be true” – then, it probably is. This is a commonly used tactic to get applicants to give up personal information on a fake application. Trust that if something looks suspicious, it most likely is.

The Job Doesn’t Require an Interview

Another way to spot a job scam when you’re offered a position without an interview. If an employer presents a job to you (either over the phone or in person) without taking the time to speak with you prior – it’s reasonable to question the hiring procedure. It’s important to do your background research on an employer before accepting any position, but no interview is a red flag of scams to be aware of.

Unsolicited Job Notifications

Especially during the holiday season, there is a typically an influx of email job scams. These scams can be masked by using the name of a well-known job site or social media platform (ZipRecruiter, Indeed, FlexJobs to name a few.) Scams can even occur on sites like LinkedIn. These scams can be recognized by requesting for an immediate interview, or even immediate job offer. Again, question the legitimacy of this procedure – even if it’s coming from a supposed reputable source.

Ask a Recruiter!

We had to plug this one, right? If you ever have confusion or questions about the legitimacy of a job posting, a job application, an interview process, or even a job offer – as a professional! Recruiters, especially in your field, are well versed in the job search process. They are there to help you be smart and successful throughout any part of your job search.


Have you ever encountered a job scam?

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