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When it comes to success in staffing for Information Technology, there's an art to finding the right people. And a science to getting it done in the timeframe that you need. What you want is an executive search firm that goes above and beyond the role of recruiter. You want a talent agency that understands the nuances of IT, has a proven history in the discipline and won't quit until the right person is found.

When it's time to fill a staffing need, you don't want just anyone. You have a vision of the person who will be the right fit and anything else will fall short. Identifying this person goes beyond recruitment. It involves comprehensive up-front research. You want a talent agency that will dedicate time to develop skill, experience, cultural, and personality criteria before even beginning the process of searching.

What's the right way to get the best return on your staffing investment? You want a talent agency that gives you high-priority treatment and laser-focused attention. You want a team who knows the particular nuances and needs of IT placement - the platforms, positions, background and the intricacies of specific jobs. And a team who asks the right questions, including intangibles you hadn't considered.